Lessons Learnt During Operation Barracuda (Longmoor)

I had a great day playing at Longmoor. One of the key things to take away from an event like this is the importance of good communications when many teams or squads are operating over a large area. Being able to quickly call in reinforcements when a position is in danger of being overrun can be a game changer. ¬†good radios make a big difference, but you don’t want everyone chatting on the primary net frequency. The command and control channel needs to be kept clear and should only be used for requesting tasking, ¬†issuing instructions or emergency comms. Within each squad it is handy to have a separate channel for use when spotting the enemy, for general well being checks and other chatter. In a squad of 8 or so players it would make sense for each player to have a radio on the squads “chat” channel while the squad leader or designated comms person (“bleep”) has an additional radio on the command and control channel.

Using standardised hand signals allows players from different teams or players that are not members of a team to group together into larger strength formations for large scale assault or defence operations.

There’s smoke and then there’s smoke. Smoke is a great way to create a temporary screen to allow hidden troop movements. At Longmoor it was very useful to help with the extraction of wounded players or the movement of troops and materiel. But some smoke grenades are better than others. I had purchased some TLS-FX white smokes for the event at longmoor, but frankly the amount of smoke produced was so small that they were useless as a defensive screen. I had much better luck with some Enola Gaye coloured smokes left over from other events.

Also fiddling around with the striker caps from smokes and grenades in the heat of a battle is fiddly at best and it easy to loose the striker cap. I will be getting a velcro backed striker pad that I can attach to the front of my plate carrier so I no longer need to rely on the ones attached to the pyro’s.

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