Another Vid from Operation Sledgehammer.

Here’s another video from operation Sledgehammer. During this contact I was leading the ambush/diversion force (actually Wolf 2) that split off from the main attack team to approach from the woods and draw off the enemy from the main attack. The ploy worked well as we draw most of the fire in the initial stages of the attack as we were attacking the enemy HQ. However as there were only 4 of us we were soon taken out. But our diversion allowed the main force to get into the target building almost entirely unopposed.


Next Event: Operation Harrier.

Our next Milsim event will be Operation Harrier at Longmoor on December 5th 2015. This is a FIBUA (Fighting in built up areas) urban training area, so lot’s of house clearing and street fighting. There is also a large woodland area at this site.

New members are always welcome. There’s no membership fee and we always get much more out of our airsoft by playing as a team, so why not come and join us? Use the contact form or drop us a message on facebook:

Operation Sledgehammer

Alister at Operation Sledgehammer.
Alister and Mark at Operation Sledgehammer.

Mark and Alister recently took part in Operation Sledgehammer a 36 hour milsim at the Sennybridge FIBUA. This was a tough event, sleeping on cold concrete floors, eating ration packs and fighting at night. There are photos in the photo gallery and below is a short taster video.