Join Us.

Want to join us? Drop us a message using the contact page or via our facebook page, tell us a bit about yourself, the types of airsoft games you play and how long you have been playing. Then come and join us for a game so you can meet us and we can meet you. Assuming all is OK you will then be invited to join our team and given access to the members area and a Black Rams call sign. If you wish to buy team patches or stickers we can supply them.

Next you would be expected to join us for a training day, milsim or skirmish so you can start working with us as a team member, joining in the fun and camaraderie that comes from team membership.

After that it’s up to you. Just play with us as a team member or join us for further training events to increase or improve your tactics and skills.

Just be warned that any member caught knowingly cheating, not taking hits, breaking game rules or un sportsmanlike behaviour will be given a warning for the first offence.  Repeat offenders will have their team membership revoked.

One thought on “Join Us.”

  1. Hey guys i am new to the team I was invited two weeks ago at Maidenhead I just wanted to say had an awesome time and was wondering when the next dates are going to be to hopefully be more involved

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