Our Aims

Our aims and objectives are quite simple really:

To promote better airsoft game play through teamwork and tactical skills development.

Provide help and guidance to team members.

Encourage fair play and good sportsmanship. We will not tolerate cheats. We expect other teams to enjoy playing against us or with us.

Play as a team at airsoft events.

Arrange and promote team training events.

Airsoft is a sport or hobby, it’s not real combat, so above all we wish to have fun.


We aim to follow the SAS ethos where the input of every member of the team or a squad is valued and important. We do not have a rank system, no one player is superior to another. Team members can gain skills badges upon completion of training sessions or by demonstrating that they already posses those skills. When working as a team it is expected that those with the most appropriate skills will take on the corresponding roles within the team or squad. While team members have no rank, when playing as a team or squad it is necessary to have a leader, someone has to lead and determine what the team/squad should do.

To be eligible as a team or squad leader you must first demonstrate good communications skills, be able to use standard hand signals and have played as a Black Rams member on at least 4 days or attended 4 training events. Wherever possible the team leader will be a person with good leadership and tactical skills selected by the other team members for that event. If the team/squad cannot decide on a leader through a group discussion, then a team leader will be chosen from eligible members via a dice roll with the highest number rolled determining the squad leader for that event.

If you cannot accept a team or squad leader chosen by the roll of a pair of dice then you are not welcome here. This is meant to be fun and every Black Ram member should have the opportunity to lead a squad.  Your team leader may make mistakes, we all do. Hopefully the selected team leader will learn from those mistakes and do better next time.



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