Team Members

Alister-airsoftName: Alister (Founder)
Callsign: BR-11
Rifleman, occasional sniper, communications and technology expert.

Weapons: L22A2, L119a1, L115A3, M203, Grenades.

Natsaha airsoftName: Tasha

Callsign: BR-12

Rifleman, Medic, occasional sniper.

Weapons: SCAR-L, M4, Honey Badger.


Mark-airsoftName: Mark

Callsign: BR-14

Rifleman, communications.

Weapons: M4, PDW, Mac11, Grenades.

Guy airsoftName: Guy

Callsign: BR-15


Weapons: M4



robert airsoftName: Robert

Callsign: BR-16

Sniper, Rifleman, Training Officer

Weapons: M4, Sniper Rifle.

WiktorName: Wiktor

Callsign: BR-17





Name: Carlo.

Callsign: BR-18


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