Uniforms and Loadouts.

We really don’t care!

It’s up to you what you wear for most events. Most members will wear some form of camouflage for woodland or outdoor games, most commonly army surplus MTP.  A lot of members also have army surplus DPM and will wear whichever camouflage pattern suits the terrain where we will be playing. While MTP is the current pattern used by the British Army it is sometimes not the best pattern for dark woodland.

For some indoor sites such as the Mall or UCAP Bunker many players prefer to wear black or dark coloured clothes.

For many of the Milsim events that we play in as a team you will need to have the correct uniform type. Our default uniform/camo is MTP or Multicam and where possible we will play on the MTP/Multicam side.

Within the Black Rams MTP is the most commonly used camouflage pattern. It’s readily available and prices are good and it works reasonably well in most environments.

Members can purchase team patches, badges and stickers to identify themselves as a Black Ram team member. In addition each member is allocated a callsign and can purchase a callsign patch.


Use what works for you, but no two tone guns please. We are mainly into Milsim. There are no restrictions provided guns comply with the rules of the sites we are playing at. It is worth noting that many members use M4 based guns or other guns that use standard M4 magazines. This can be an advantage in a battle as team members can share magazines if running low on ammo.

Most of us will have some form of Plate Carrier, tactical vest or chest rig to carry spare magazines and ammo. With milsim events you are often restricted to mid-cap magazines so you will need to be able to carry 6 or 8 of these. In addition I recommend that you always carry some water, especially in the summer or warm weather. Grenades can be force multipliers in many types of action, but especially when house or room clearing, so we will often carry at least a couple of grenades, but these are not requirements, just good to have.


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